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Mirror Dresser [FB.211.MID.2105037] is made out of premium quality engineered wood structure with two mirrors for partial (make-up and close view) and complete (dressing and full view) reflections. 

 โ— Smooth, curvilinear edges for enhanced aesthetics and protection against scrapes and cuts.
 โ— Sleek wenge finish which gives it a glossy look and makes it easy to clean
 โ— Well-fitted, short & long mirrors for convenient views
 โ— Spacious storage shelves for keeping everyday essentials like toiletries, make-up, etc.
 โ— Hollow base provides extra leg room and space for putting stool, ottoman, etc.

 โ— Package contents: 1 dressing table & 1 Stool
 โ— Material: Engineered Wood
 โ— Colour/Finish: Wenge Finish
 โ— Recommended Room: Bedroom

Mirror Dresser [FB.211.MID.2105037]

SKU: FB.211.MID.2105037

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