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Structural steel detailing services
Structural steel detailing services

We have a team of highly talented structural steel detailers and skilled fabricators specialists who know how to use the ideal software to work round-the –clock enabling to provide easy to read, clean, industry standard compliant result for your projects within the correct time. We are always strict on presenting the most credible, precise and cost-effective structural steel detailing services with no compromise in timely delivery.

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We always try to keep a good relationship with the clients by providing high quality services in structural steel detailing on time and at affordable rate. All types of individuals as well as small, medium and large scale of firms and organizations get benefit from our quality and fast services.

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Some of the main structural steel detailing services provided by Mikab is the following.

  • Steel design and detailing

  • Erection plan drawing

  • Fabrication drafting and drawing

  • Shop drawings for fabrication

  • Connection detail drafting

  • Joint and deck detailing

  • Structural detailing

  • Miscellaneous steel parts detailing

  • Steel members detailing

  • Precast detailing

  • StruCAD detailing

  • Staircase detailing

  • Rood Truss Joist drawings

  • Post-tension detailing

  • Metal detailing

  • Fence detailing

  • Extend bill of material for fabricators

  • BIM modeling and clash detection

Advantages of choosing Mikab for Steel detailing services are given below

  • We ensure reliable and cost-effective service

  • We can be proud of our reputation and establishment

  • We always try to maintain our construction schedules at all costs

  • We strictly follow the international codes

  • We possess vast pool of talented structural engineers

  • We use latest software and technology

  • We focus on customized service

All types of clients such as building contractors, architects, steel detailers, structural consultants and fabricators approach us for better structural steel detailing services.

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