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CAD conversion services
CAD conversion services

We provide CAD conversion services to large infrastructure projects for various types of clients such as architects, construction companies and engineering firms. We are able to convert all the hand drawn drafts and blueprints into highly accurate and precise CAD formats.

We, using the highly advanced technology that assists the construction and design industry, keep up with the rapid changes occurred in the CAD conversion services using our excellent team of professionals while offering CAD conversion services

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Do you want to convert your hard copies into electrical formats? If yes, contract us for a reliable and quality CAD conversion services. The professional conversion experts of Mikab can handle efficient CAD conversion and present it with a thorough quality checks.

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Our CAD conversion services cover the following areas:

  • Paper to CAD conversion

  • Raster to vector conversion

  • PDF to CAD conversion

  • PDF to DWG conversion

  • MCD to DWG conversion

  • DWG to DGN conversion

  • AutoCAD conversion

  • MCD to drawing conversion

  • 2D to 3D conversion

  • TIFF to drawing conversion

  • TIFF to DOC conversion

  • Scan to drafting conversion

  • TCW to drawing conversion

  • Sheets in varied sizes

  • As-built drawings

  • Customized line types

  • Markups


Advantages of our cad conversion services


  • We ensure high security in drawing presentation

  • Choosing us for CAD conversion services is the best way for cost saving

  • Our services include modification in existing drawings

  • We help the clients in diversifying their business

  • By approaching us, you can save time and resources

  • Use of advanced technology makes our service maximum flexible

  • We make sure that the clients get their work done within the pre-decided budget

  • Our competitive pricing attracts small and big clients equally

If you have any doubts regarding CAD conversion or want an efficient CAD conversion service, feel free to contact Mikab.

Contact us for a free consultation and an appointment

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