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structural steel


Non destructive testing (NDT) of steels is a group of analysis techniques used for evaluating the properties of steel mate- rials, components, or welds without causing any damage to them.


NDT techniques are used to detect and evaluate internal and surface defects (such as imperfections, discontinuities, and flaws etc.) that may cause failure under the designed operating conditions.

What we do:

NDT is a vital aspect to any project in the modern construction industry. Testing may be used during planning and construction phases for QA/QC evaluation, or used during trouble- shooting, maintenance, and repair projects. Mikab’s team of certified inspectors and professional engineers has extensive experience in the testing of metals and welds, with specialties in the NDT methods:

  • Visual Inspection

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing

  • Magnetic Particle Testing

  • Radiographic, Ultrasonic Testing

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