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MEP drafting services
MEP drafting services

The premium services provided related to MEP drafting in an extensive manner make the customers prefer us for various types of MEP CAD drafting services.


Designing the construction of any structure will be accomplished only with proper MEP services like drafting, designing and documenting.


You should have a clear idea about your requirements before you select a MEP service along with drafting features.

Mikab has professional team, with long experience in this field.

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Mikab is a principal service provider that offer MEP drafting services of international standard. All the clients get a wide range of high quality solutions to various requirements regarding MEP CAD drafting.

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Specialties of our MEP drafting services

  • We provide cost effective services with digitization

  • We possess advanced features that are provided with latest updates for your requirements

  • We adopt simple designing mechanism as a part of drawing

  • We have years of experience in MEP CAD drafting services

  • We ensure MEP CAD drawing at affordable rates

  • We are a reliable service provider from whom you can expect the most effective designing and drafting services.

  • You will get quality MEP engineering services

  • We provide 100% customer support for MEP drafting

  • We update regularly in order to improve quality of MEP drafting

Mikab, with the help of latest technology and software as well as the highly skilled employees, can realize the drafting needs clearly and meet them in an innovative manner.

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