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It is during this phase that the Construction Manager assumes the leadership role on the project team in delivering the building within the agreed upon plans, specifications, and budgets.  The

Construction Manager, acting as an agent for the owner and the architect/engineer, is the link and coordinator for all activities involved in the construction of the project. 


The services our Construction Management team provides during the Construction Phase include:

  • Providing on-site construction administration, supervision, and coordination.

  • Scheduling and conducting all job site and construction meetings.

  • Developing and maintaining construction schedules.

  • Maintaining cost accounting and cost control records.

  • Reviewing with the owner and architect/engineer the monthly status reports, including these areas:

    1. Cost vs. Budget.

    2. Construction progress vs. schedule.

    3. Change order summary.

    4. Quality of workmanship review.

  • Processing change orders initiated by the owner.

  • Preparing punch lists in advance of completion and establishing management systems for correction of any deficient work by the appropriate contractor.

  • Arranging for inspections by the appropriate governing authorities.

  • Monitoring adherence to safety programs & coordinating all safety requirements.

  • Coordinating all general condition items including temporary facilities.

  • Accepting delivery and arranging storage, protection, and security for all owner purchased materials, systems, and equipment.

  • Assisting the owner/architect/engineer with selection of the surveyor and testing labs.

  • Obtaining for the owner all building equipment, operating manuals and warranty information, and coordinating startup of the building systems with operational personnel.

  • Obtaining for the owner As-built drawings for the architect/engineer and contractors.

  • Finalizing accounting on construction contracts, recommending retainage release, and obtaining final lien waivers.

  • Coordinating contractor warranty work as required during the warranty period.

  • Assisting the owner in occupancy, equipment startup, and systems operations through the appropriate suppliers and trades.

Benefits of having our Construction Management Team


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