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Construction documentation services
Construction documentation services

Mikab is an ideal choice for all types of clients who have to create a construction documentation for any kind and size of project. Our construction documentation services play an important role in helping the clients get the needed construction permits.

Our advanced infrastructural facilities as well as a well-coordinated team of highly talented professionals can streamline, automate and organize large-scale construction documentation projects easily. We always try to deliver superior services at an affordable rate and within the pre-decided time.

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Construction documentation is an important thing in construction fields, as it provides all essential information and details about the project to constructors, engineers, builders and other professionals. They can use it for reference whenever they have any doubts regarding the measure, quantity of materials and other specifications.

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We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Structural drawings by employing design calculation

  • Pre-stressed structure drawings

  • Complete foundation plans that include both footing and column schedules

  • Drawings for longitudinal section of individual element with cleat, bolt, plate location and details

  • Documents of reinforced steel/ cement concrete bunkers

  • Silos, overhead and underground water-tanks

  • Prediction of quantity with dimension sheet

  • Element elevations with detailed connection drawings

  • Roof truss and beams details

  • Details of connection of elements that have been blown up

  • Bar bending schedules according to appropriate and followed standards

The benefits of choosing Mikab for construction documentation services are the following.

  • We have dedicated channels for transferring heavy images

  • We can provide end-to-end solutions to the various requirements of the clients

  • We offer quality solutions with the help of our experienced and qualified team of professionals

  • Our clients get flexible ad tailor-made solutions for clients’ requirements

  • We require reduced turnaround time for delivering the process

  • You can be assured top quality structural documentation from us

  • Timely delivery and affordable rates make us the favorite choice of all types of clients

  • We concentrate much on critical parts like joints and intersections and give special attention there

  • The clients get complete support and accountability throughout the entire process

Mikab has an extensive as well as expertise in preparing advanced construction documentation.

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