Project Time Management

Project time management refers to a crucial component of overall project management in which a timeline is analyzed and developed for the completion of a project or deliverable.


Project Time Management

What we do:


Project time management at Mikab is normally handled in systematic steps designed as specific components or steps as summarized in the following:

  • Activity Definition: We identify and schedule different components of the project management sequence that are required for completion of project deliverables.

  • Activity Sequencing: We define the order in which deliverables must be completed.

  • Activity Resource Estimating: We identify and define the types and quantities of resources and materials required to complete a deliverable.

  • Activity Duration Estimating: We identify and estimate the timeline for completion of deliverables.

  • Schedule Development: We analyze of the order of activities, timelines, resources, and schedule barriers to develop a project schedule.

  • Schedule Control: We intervene to mitigate changes to the product schedule

How we do it:

The project time management process is dynamic and quite often, we have provisions for input from several different teams each with individual project time management process in order to integrate the various interdependent component parts of the project to achieve the project deliverable(s). Develop Project Management Plan process, and schedule management plan are our principal approaches.

Why you need it:


Time is one of the 3 critical constraints in project management: Scope (Quality), Time and Cost. Time management is crucial in controlling and monitoring your project according to the time management plan, thus helps you to keep your project within the allocated schedule, Budget and Goals(quality) in the following ways:

  • Put in place a process for recording time within projects

  • Provide usable Time sheets to monitor the time spent by staff

  • Identify and resolve time management issues

  • Keep your Project Plan up-to-date at all times

  • Identification of project resources and scope

  • Deciding on project milestones

  • Determining the schedule of activities

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