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Metallic Safe [FX.801.SSA.2105028]: Medium Sized | Single main compartment | Number Pin | Digital Safe Box | Black & White Color

Suitable for home and office. 
[There are other available options that come in varies sizes, colours and functions.]

 โ— Fire Resistant Safes with attractive and compact design
 โ— High Quality Galvanized Sheet with Powder coating
 โ— Provide highly specified combination locks, Digital and 2 key locks
 โ— High Quality 0.8 MM Thickness Galvanized Sheet with Powder coating
 โ— Inside safety locker options with Cam locks. 

 โ— Galvanized body
 โ— Double Key Locks
 โ— Fire resistant 

Metallic Safe [FX.801.SSA.2105029]

SKU: FX.801.SSA.2105029

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