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We are Going Remote.

Due the present 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, Mikab is working towards enabling virtually fully “remote working” structures to keep the company running while ensuring the safety of all our stakeholders as per the prevailing guidelines.


In Context:

The implemented remote-work policies have as such changed most of our preceding customs of operations. This will increase the level of remote operations in our workforce from 26.35% to over 90%, making it our mainstream mode of operation.

This policy now allows our teams to work outside of the office environment with the autonomy of having to operate from places of convenience as long as our principle values as a company are not compromised.

We shall use our fully distributed team for the time being to handle our current clients by continuing to deliver professional work with utmost redefined value (our core principle), as well as lobby for new projects based on our seasoned assortment of remote working podium.


We appreciate everyone that is trying to ensure that this pandemic comes to an end, wish everyone to stay safe by follow the regulatory guidelines and pray for each other.



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