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Why Construction Management, CAD & Structural Steel Services at Mikab?

Construction Management, CAD & Structural Steel Services

Mikab’s amicable triple service utilization of Construction Management, CAD Services and Structural Steel is the principle approach to revolutionize the engineering problem solving approaches in various Industrial, Healthcare, Education, Commercial and Residential Sectors to meet the vast range of clients’ needs in this modern era.

The triple services categorically fall under project management, Architecture, Civil and building Engineering, engineering surveying, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering offered at both technical and consultancy levels in industrial, commercial, residential, institutional and private sectors.



1.1. Overview

Construction Management is not a new idea in East Africa and the rest of the world. The function of the Construction Manager is to work on behalf of the owner to complete a project within the plans and specifications provided. Recently the construction practices in all fields ranging from Technology, materials, government bureaucracy, financing, design, to engineering have all advanced theatrically. With the complexity of the construction process increasing, the need for owners to demand accountability and accurate guidance during the entire planning and construction process has grown.

1.2. Construction Management at Mikab

At Mikab CM Limited, our emphasis on Construction Management has been to provide clients a “team approach” to total project coordination. Our position is not to replace any other profession or craft, but to succor all involved parties in meeting their targets and to form a milieu where all are working together as a team, on behalf of the owner. This team’s goal is to provide a project on time, within budget, and with the greatest value-to-cost ratio. This is where the true worth of a project is realized and provides the owner with a product that not only meets their needs, but is cost effective and that will maintain or increase in value.

Mikab CM Limited offers construction management services that promote frequent and direct owner input. Owner participation is elemental from preliminary design through completed construction and occupancy. Our construction management systems are tailored to enable us to become a leader