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We are hiring!

Mikab utilizes Construction Management, CAD Services and Structural Steel to  revolutionize the engineering problem solving approaches  in various sectors. We currently have has an exciting undertaking to  implement “remote working” structures to keep the company running while ensuring the safety of all our stakeholders due to the present  2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. APPLY NOW



The implemented remote-work policies have as such changed most of our preceding customs of operations. This will increase our level of remote operations from 26.35% to over 90% in our workforce, making it our mainstream mode of operation.

As such, we are looking for enthusiastic well-versed individuals to join our dynamic team to operate remotely outside of our office environment with the autonomy of having to operate from any places of convenience as long as our principle values as a company are not compromised.

Field(s) Overview:

Construction Management (Remote Work)

The construction management remote team are to plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise (localized) construction projects from development to completion. APPLY NOW

Specific assignments: