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Why You Should Start Outsourcing Your Company’s CAD Services.

CAD outsourcing can really change the way your business operates, besides being able to save up to 70% on staffing cost, there are a lot more benefits that outsourcing brings.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) revolutionized modern day engineering by allowing for the easier development of products and product management integration to be used by consumers.

If you’re looking for a team of professionals who can handle the job and meet your clients’ demands, CAD outsourcing is most likely your silver bullet carrying away any worries about meeting deadlines, providing quality design, or being equipped with the contemporary.


Why CAD outsource?

Outsourcing can deliver jobs faster without compromising the CAD design process of 2D drafting, 3D modeling or drawing. The best part about outsourcing CAD services is that it makes more economic sense relative to accrued Quality-Value derivatives as compared to hiring an in-house team of designers.

Fields that progressively need CAD outsourcing services

There are numerous design services wherein CAD outsourcing can be applied. Every entity be it an individual, a company, organization, government & none government bodies, …, often gets urgency of shaping an idea into a virtually interactive concept that requires CAD to make it possible.

The fields which with urgency progressively need CAD Services as technology advances include (but not limited to):

  • Fabricators and Manufacturing firms

  • Processing/Industrial Plant Owners

  • Furniture Manufacturers and Retailers

  • Civil and Structural Engineers

  • Trade and General Contractors

  • AEC firms & Surveyors

  • Architectural Design Firms

  • Interior Designers

CAD outsourcing services

The correspondent CAD services (offered by Mikab CM Ltd) cut across the fields of consumers with abroad range traits categorized as enlisted below:


Benefits of CAD outsourcing

It perplexes many on why and whether they should start outsourcing their businesses’ CAD services, for various reasons in this quite demanding new technological advanced era. As depicted earlier, CAD outsourcing does not only save a huge percentage on staffing cost, but also offer a lot more benefits some of which we have summarized as follows.

1. Get access experienced CAD designers, thus high quality

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your CAD services is that you can find a talented pool of extremely highly qualified and experienced CAD designers, and offering some of the highest quality content around.

2. Staffing Flexibility through Scalable manpower

In an unstable economy, especially if you are a smaller company, flexibility is likely one of the most vital things for you however, projects will always vary; there are peak seasons, as well as lean ones. It means the demand for designers will also vary. The good thing about outsourcing CAD companies is that you don’t get to reduce salaries, cut jobs, and grow leaner through attrition to hold people temporarily while waiting for new projects.

3. Risk Management

An added, and often overlooked benefit of outsourcing your CAD services is risk management. Using outside consultants and staff will give you some mitigation in the event there are issues or things don’t work out as planned, and they do so in several ways.

4. Cost-efficient CAD design services

Steel can be recycled endlessly without loss of properties. Nothing is wasted. Steel saves on the use of natural raw resources since around 30% of today’s new steel is already being made from recycled steel.

5. Prospects for Growth through Customization

With the skills needed to customize products, redesign drawings, and make changes as needed at your disposal from outsourcing, you can utilize these customizable qualities to help drive business and productivity and allow you to keep a competitive edge at all times. The opportunity in this is that you can offer a specific solution tailored to a customer thus reap the rewards of increased customer satisfaction, profit, and business growth, all of which will help your business thrive and produce in today’s markets.

6. Access to the latest CAD tools and software

Software applications especially CAD tools can be very expensive acquire, adapt to and keep UpToDate. If you were to build your in-house team for variable projects, investing in it is undoubtedly going to be a big expense for the business. Outsource CAD drafting services from a team of experts already equipped with such tools could benefit you better.

7. Network Opportunities

The final benefit of outsourcing your engineering and CAD drafting services is an astonishing fact of networking that happens by virtue of how they work. The outsourced drafter or team will have information about your company and potentially even some of your work in their portfolio. This might not directly offer business opportunities, but rather present your brand a bit farther at a fraction cost.


For detailed information about CAD Outsourcing, the costs involved, its applicability in relation to your concept or business model, corresponding time frames from contracting to deliverables, …. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or book an appointment with us as we uphold our utmost core value of “Redefined Value”



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