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Mikab's other steel products & services

Other than the major Building Structures where we majorly apply structural steel, Mikab also provides the steel design, modeling, fabrication and construction services in the following List of items, for any other special order, please feel free to contact us with details to enable us comprehend, adopt and deliver according to your needs​​

Building accessories

 Door Jambs  Door Headers  Sumps  Bollard Poles  

Building Locomotives

 Conveyor systems & structures   Bolster Rails  Dumpster Rails  I  

Partial Frames

 Mezzanines  Platforms  Ladders & Stairways  Hand Railings & Guard Railings  

Building Systems

 Canopy Structures  Building Expansions  Roof Raising  Leveling Plates  

Steel Plating

 Smooth Steel plating  Diamond steel Plating  Containment Trenches  

Steel Trenches

 Mechanical trenches  Electrical Trenches  Containment Trenches  Trench Grating  

Support Systems

 Crane Support Structures  Anchoring Systems  Specialty Embeds  

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